Friday, November 6, 2015

Since I've Been Gone

Wow. It's been a while since I've made a real post here. Where have I been? Well, I took some of my own advice and wrote the fucking book. Although in this particular case I was actually editing the books. All of them. And now I'm writing again, back on the grind.

This is just kind of an informal 'what's up for the foreseeable future' post, since I'm not very good at blogs and posts. I'd honestly rather just keep my head down and write books, and play some games in between. But there are things I'd like to say and who knows, maybe there are some things I have to say that people would like to read, or maybe even could really use. I know there have been enough things like that I've come across something where the person seems to think they're wasting their time, that they don't have anything interesting to say, but listening to what they had to talk about helped me in one way or another.

So maybe that's what this could be like.

Or maybe I'm just pissing in the wind.

Either way, let's get started!

I do have a list of things I want to talk about that I've been scraping together. I have an idea that I want to do a weekly posting schedule. We'll see how that goes. I've been really busy lately and struggling to keep up with the myriad of stuff that goes with being a writer, but I have been managing! So we'll see how that all shakes out.

I also launched a Patreon campaign! If you'd like to support me, even if it's just to give me a buck a month, I'd really, really appreciate it! You can check it out here. I imagine some people might be asking, 'Why are you doing this? I thought the average Patreon campaign was for people who mainly released their stuff for free online.' Well, that's true, and it's also true that, traditionally, a lot of Patreon campaigns are done by webcomic artists and people who do humorous dubs of animes or stuff like that. I've got two things to say to that.

#1: I do, actually, have a lot of my work available for free online! You can read everything ever written for my original series, The Shadow Wars, right here on WattPad. (As of right now, I'm working on the tenth title in my series, with a total of fifteen novels to come, as well as about a dozen short stories and/or novella tie-ins.) So there.

#2: The world is a scary place. This is doubly true when it comes to money. You can be riding high one minute, paying all your bills, building a savings account, all that happy crap, and then the next minute one, single thing can completely fuck you. Right now, I'm actually doing okay. I can pay my bills and keep food in the fridge between my writing and my wife's job and my roommate. And that thrills me to no end. But that could come to a screaming halt at literally any moment with no warning.

My sales could drop off for absolutely no reason (it's happened before, more than once, and I have no control over it), my wife could lose her job, we could get into an accident, some natural disaster could destroy our house, either of us could get cancer or some other kind of debilitating sickness that we'd be insanely lucky to survive unscathed. The point is, money is important, because it can deal with a lot of crap. And the more money I have coming in, the more security I and my wife are.

Now, I'm not going to be looking at Patreon as my primary source of income or even as a big source of income. But it would be awesome if I could even get a hundred bucks a month extra coming in or something to help pay the bills or feed into the savings account to deal with it the next time my car breaks down for absolutely no reason and suddenly, oh shit, it's a thousand bucks to get it fixed. Now, if you don't have the money to spare, that's fine. I know what it's like to be in a situation where every damned penny counts. I've been there. But basically, if you have a spare dollar or five bucks or something that you wouldn't mind giving up every month, that'd be really appreciated. Also, you get something out of it! I made sure to put together a lot of prizes.

Okay, there, we got that out of the way.

Now, to talk about another thing. Paperback novels! People have been asking me about paperback versions of my works since day one. Which I understand. I honestly wish I could have launched with the paperback option. But the reason I didn't was because I wanted to go through CreateSpace, which is partnered with Amazon and is currently the best option for indies. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, they cost money because they want to have it formatted their way...which is perfectly reasonable. Since I don't have the know-how or the inclination to go through figuring all that out, it would cost money to have someone else do it for me. Lots of money. Which I don't have. So I've just been waiting.

Then, a friend of my did a quick run through, which I checked out several years ago and thought they were still a bit amateur. They have, apparently, evolved. Which is great! I'm currently putting together a print-on-demand paperback of Necropolis. I'm really hoping to have it available for purchase before the end of the year. Once I get it done, it shouldn't take too long to get the others up, too. They'll very likely all be priced at 7.99$, with the exception of the novellas, Dead Ice, Dead Skies and Quarantine, since they're shorter, they'll likely be cheaper. It really all depends on the base cost of printing each book, since I would like to turn a profit still. Now, for full transparency, I have to tell you that that would be 7.99$ before shipping & handling. That's usually about 3.99$ so it'd be closer to 12$ instead of 8$. Sorry about that, nothing I can do about it.

But here, check it out. Here's some pictures of the second version of Necropolis.

I'm working on putting together the third version now, which, (please) will be the last time I need to make adjustments on this one. It costs me money and time (minimum two weeks) every time I need to make an adjustment and unfortunately I can't tell if the book has turned out right or not until I'm holding a copy physically in my hands.

So yay! I'm really excited about that.

Finally, I guess the last thing I have to talk about is my actual writing. Necropolis 4: Terminal is going really well. I'm four chapters in and still going strong. I feel this one and it's coming fairly easily. (We'll see how long that lasts.) I fully plan to have it written, edited and published by the end of the year. After Necropolis 4, I have another five novels, nine short stories and one novella planned in The Shadow Wars universe. I'm hoping, (praying is more like), that I will have all of those done by the time we hit 2017. And then something brand new comes along.

The only other thing I have to talk about is Toonami. Now that things are settling down and I'm getting into my routine, I should find some time to get this one started. However, before I get it started, I want to do a thorough plan-out instead of the play-it-by-ear approach I've been taking to some of my other fan fics. Hopefully this will mean that it will turn out better.

That's it for now.

If you've got anything to say or any questions, I encourage you to respond in the comments!

-S. A. Lusher

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